My daily `Git` command list.

When you are working in cross functional team or doing development all alone one thing that is common among all this is version control of your source code. Here I come with few basic git commands to fasten your work and make your daily life bit relaxed .

1. Fixup your commit to single commit message when you have long commit log .

Start interactive rebase from terminal:

Keep the first line as is and replace every pick with f (for fixup) for all other commit.

Note. After fixup, you need use push -finstead of push.


Temporarily store modified, tracked files in order to change branches git stash Save modified and staged changes git stash list list stack-order of stashed file changes git stash pop write working from top of stash stack git stash drop discard the changes from top of stash stack



5.Override local branch with remote.

If you figure out local changes are not required anymore or local commits are corrupt basically you can override all your local changes with remote.




Identity and access management

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abhishek kureriya

abhishek kureriya

Identity and access management

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